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Tools and Firetruck Accessories


Firetruck Accessories

2 pcs. Fire Axe (Pick Head & Flat Head)
2 pcs. Search Light
2 pcs. Spanner wrench 2 ½” & 1 ½”
6 pcs. 1 ½” Fire Hose x 50 ft. with 13 kgf/cm²
3 pcs. 2 ½ “Fire Hose x 50 ft. with 13 kgf/cm²
1 set Light bar and amplifier with 4 tone siren and Microphone, Public address system
1 pc. Fiberglass extension ladder 10-18 ft.
2 pcs. 1 ½“ Ø Variable nozzle with shut off valve with gallonage control & pistol grip
1 pc. 2 ½“Ø Variable nozzle with shut off valve with gallonage control & pistol grip
1 pc. Reducer twin 2 ½” Ø x 1 ½” Ø x 1 ½” Ø
2 pcs. 2 ½” Ø x 10 ft. Suction hose with coupling & foot valve with strainer
1 pc. Bolt Cutter
1 pc. Crow Bar
1 pc. Pike Pole
1 pc. 10 lbs. Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical (Ordinary Fire)
1 pc. Gun Turret
1 pc. Tire Wrench
3 sets fireman’s Suit
2 sets Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
1 set First Aid Kit
1 unit Spine Board
1 unit Heavy Duty Water Jug

Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)

A great feature of the AFARV is the ODIN Colt 130/55 Compressed Air Foam System. This system is 5 to 7 times more efficient than plain water. It uses less water(reducing the need for water shuttle support vehicles) and protects property far better than plain water.

Compressed air foam clings to vertical and overhead fuel surfaces to protect and insulate structures. It can be pumped over a much longer distance is obtained with compressed air foam, keeping the firefighters at safe distance. It is lightweight and can be handled by one person.

In CAFS , foam clings to the fire’s fuel. It lowers surface tension allowing the water to penetrate the fuel. It remains in contact with the fuel until it evaporates, which provides the most effective cooling (increased cooling ability of 300% and ability to soak in by over 1,000 times).