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Paul Darley

CEO & President, WS. Darley & Co.

WS. Darley & Co. has been producing Compressed Air Fodarleyprofileam Systems (CAFS) for over 30 years. CAFS has been the most significant breakthrough for the fire service in over 100 years.

Today, our company leads the world in the technology and have CAFS in more than 30 countries around the world.

Our relationship with Anos Manufacturing is very important to us. They have been trained in the installation, operation and maintenance of our CAFS.

I personally have visited Manila with them in the past few months and we are proud to have our products incorporated into their state-of-the-art fire truck.

Due to the global economic crisis, the need for multipurpose vehicles is growing.This new vehicle with CAFS for firefighting, rescue equipment, patient transport and even water purification meets the needs of the world’s fire services and is ideal for the Philippines.


Cong. Angelo Palmones

Agham Partylistpalomes

AGHAM joins hand with Anos Research Manufacturing in the observance of this year’s Fire Prevention Month. On this day and each day thereafter, we are asking our countrymen to be vigilant and conscious to all fire hazards.
The Fire PreventionMonth should serve as a reminder to all of us that it is only through our concerted efforts that we can successfully overcome all fire related problems. It is about time that we work together, rely and utilize our own resources, and enhance the capability of our firefighting sector. For if we will not act now, then how many more lives and properties have to be lost, and if not through us and through our local sector, then who will show the needed concern?
Along this line, AGHAM would like to congratulate Anos Research Manufacturing for its relentless effort in developing Filipino ingenuity, through inventions and continuous innovations in the field of production and manufacturing of firefighting equipments, utilizing Filipino labor and materials.
Let us all unite and work together. The officers and members of AGHAM pledge their support to this end. Mabuhay ang Pilipino. Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas!


Rolly “Lakay” Gonzalo

President, Filipino Inventors Societyroly

In behalf of the Filipino Inventors Society,  allow me to welcome everyone to the observance of this year’s Fire Prevention Month

Let us always be guided by the spirit of this celebration and instill vigilance and cautiousness in our hearts to prevent fire incidents in our day to day activities.

We, at the FIS, pledge our support to devote our skill, time and effort in continuously exploring Filipino novel and innovative ideas, concepts, designs and technology geared in fighting incidents of fire.

We bestow full confidence to our long time member and representative in the fire industry, Anos Research Manufacturing, to lead in this endeavor.

We call on everybody and we call on our government to work with us and support us in this challenge.
Together we can succeed in our fight to keep our communities safe from the hazards of unwanted fires.