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Image courtesy of How to Prepare for a Steam Bath - Before doing a steam bath, you need to prepare your body to achieve great results. Taking this can help relax and rejuvenate your skin, provide relief from tension and sore muscles, and help with some respiratory problems. Here are a few tips on how you can better prepare for your steam bath: Rehydrate Drink at […]
firefighter and foam Fun Facts About Fire, Firetrucks and Firefighters - Learn some fun facts about firefighting and what firefighters use to kill fire immediately. Also, get to know about the hottest firetruck in town!
Image courtesy of Top 5 Disasters in the Philippines According to CDRC - The Citizen’s Disaster Response Center or CDRC made a research in 2012 about the top disasters in the Philippines. The study includes different disasters, their frequency of occurrence, as well as the range of damage it caused to the communities. Other data used in the study came from the Department of Social Welfare and Development-Disaster […]
firefighters Safety Gears that Every Firefighter Should Have - Fire is one of the top disasters in the Philippines. In a 2012 study by Citizen’s Disaster Response Center (CDRC), there were 115 incidents of fire in the country wherein most of them occurred in urban areas especially in the congested areas in Metro Manila. Though firefighters are swift in putting out the fire, there […]
Picture-012 Firetrucks and Its Types - A firetruck is made primarily for fire fighting purposes. It is also often called ‘fire apparatus’ and ‘fire engine’ while firetrucks are made for transporting firefighters and their equipments on a fire scene. They also carry out other tasks like rescue operations and medical emergencies. Because of these many uses, firetrucks now have different types […]
melstar steam bath Advantages of a Steam Bath - A steam bath is, by definition, an act of bathing with the exposure of skin to steam which then results to perspiration. These baths are now rising to popularity as people discover its many benefits. In the Philippines, despite having hot and humid weather on most days, are now flocking to steam rooms. Some even […]
electrical-outlet-on-fire How to Avoid Accidents at Home - The place that we feel safe the most could also be the place where we feel hurt and injured. Sadly, there are also times that accidents at home can lead to death. Read the leading causes of home accidents and how you can prevent them. Falling Falling is the most common cause of unintentional injuries […]
afarv It’s not Coffee But It’s 3-in-1: Anos Fire Ambulance and Rescue Vehicle - March is the fire prevention month in the Philippines. According to National Coordination Board, March also has a high record of fire incidents nationwide. So people are encouraged to be more responsible and careful with the use of electricity, candles, matches and anything that can cause fire – not only for this month but throughout […]
Anos fire drill Raise Awareness on Fire Prevention in the Philippines - In the Philippines, houses sit too close to each other, roads are generally smaller, while vehicles and people loiter on the streets. All of these have caused many fires to spread quickly from house to house and delay firefighters from entering the affected location.  According to a study done by the Bureau of Fire Protection, […]
firetruck Don’t Keep the Fire Burning: Things to Do in Case of Fire - A fire can destroy homes, buildings and most tragically, it can injure and kill people. This is why knowing the basic rules on what to do in case of this emergency  is really important. Yes, accidents happen and we will never be sure when and where it would take place. So in case of fire, […]