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About Alfredo Anos Sr


Alfredo M. Anos Sr. is considered the Philippines’ inventor-laureate. He is prolific, with 36 patents to his name and has garnered numerous testimonials, medals and plaques, including the much-coveted UN-affiliated World Intellectual Property Organization Award.

Alfredo Anos’ interest in science and technology started while he was in the sixth grade. While other children would still be playing children’s games, he was already reading about science, inventions and tinkering with mechanical toys: He preferred to educate himself through books on electrical engineering, radio and wireless telegraphy and the biographies of Michael Faraday and Thomas Alva Edison.

Anos’ inventions are practical and very useful. “I invent for the people” he says. More often than not, his inventions, or innovations on existing gadgets, are a response to a need especially from people who consult him about some mechanical or electrical problems.

Take the improved plasma Sheller, for example. The Bureau of Research and Laboratories (BRL) approached him in 1977, asking him to repair their blood plasma sheller which has been out of order for the last 20 years. This machine preserves blood by drying it. To re-use the blood, all that is needed is to add some distilled water. To repair the old machine, however, would have been too expensive, so Alfredo Anos made a new one – and it proved to be a far better one.

The BRL gave him a testimonial for his improved Blood Plasma Sheller. The director of the BRL, V. Basca-Sevilla, wrote in a certificate that the new machine “resulted in the efficient lyophilization of an evenly shelled plasma. Its increased rate of rotation cuts down the shelling time.”

Other inventions and innovations of Alfredo Anos – 63 in all – also bear witness to the cliche that necessity is the mother of inventions. Among these are the product directory advertising device, a hand tractor transmission, a mechanized salt harvester, a coconut shell button-making device, an anti-snatching device and an earth-boring device. But two inventions stand out – the wind powered generator and the Solanos. These two are his most important contributions to science.

The Anos Research Manufacturing is also proud to say that the fire pump which is one of his inventions made way for Anos Firetruck the first ever firetruck that is made in the Philippines.